Don't turn away refugees again

Dear Editor:

Over the last four years, more than four million Syrians have had to flee their country; most never to return. They register with the United Nations refugee agency, and then wait in limbo for a country to accept them. They wait for two, sometimes more years for the lengthy vetting and security process to be completed.

In the 1940s, this country denied entry to tens of thousands of Jews and others who were fleeing Hitler’s killing machine. We denied them entry to the United States for many despicable reasons, but one was because they might be Nazi spies. We now acknowledge that this policy was a terrible mistake. The current refugee crisis looks a lot like the one created by World War II. Let’s not make the same tragic mistake again. Not only are we obligated to help refugees as a simple matter of humanity, it is also good for our society. Refugees work hard and contribute to our economy.

— Renee C. Redman

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