Renee Redman will speak in Washington D.C. on May 6, 2016

Renee Redman will present a paper on the history of U.S. asylum law at the annual spring symposium of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.  The symposium, Congress and a Nation of Immigrants, 1790-1990: From the First Naturalization Act to the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, begins with a keynote address on Thursday evening, May 5, and continues all day on May 6 at the Russell Senate Office Building SR-325.

Attorney Redman will be one of six speakers to tackle a range of topics that examine Congress and immigration law through various lenses, including race, quotas, politics, and popular culture.   Speakers will detail and challenge popular perceptions of racial, ethnic, and political differences in American society from 1789 and the Alien Acts through the Simpson-Mazzoli Act in 1986.

More information can be found on the Society's website here:     

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