Immigration Consequences of Arrests and Criminal Convictions

Many non-U.S. citizens can become inadmissible or deportable due to criminal arrests and convictions. The number of criminal offenses that affect immigrants has increased dramatically. Even people who have lived in the United States as lawful permanent residents for years can suddenly find themselves in removal proceedings due to a relatively minor criminal conviction. People who are in the U.S. without documentation can be charged with being inadmissible due to an arrest, even without a conviction.

The stakes in criminal proceedings are particularly high for non-U.S. citizens. Even though the rules governing the immigration consequences of criminal arrests and convictions are complex and often vary from the criminal consequences, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that criminal defense attorneys are obligated to inform clients about the deportation consequences of any guilty plea they make in criminal proceedings.

Whether you are an attorney or a client, please contact us for advice on the immigration consequences of criminal proceedings, including potential plea agreements, as well as recent and old convictions.