Removal (Deportation) Defense

The Department of Homeland Security puts non-U.S. citizens in removal proceedings (also known as deportation proceedings) for many reasons, including criminal convictions, fraud, and entering and working in the U.S. without permission. However, people often are not removable as charged by the Department, and even if they are, they are eligible to apply to stay in the U.S.

Removal proceedings take place in immigration court before an Immigration Judge. The Department of Homeland Security is represented by an attorney, but people who find themselves in removal proceedings are not eligible for a free attorney. Since the consequence of losing in immigration court is deportation, people in removal proceedings should hire a lawyer to represent them.

We advise clients on the possibilities of being able to remain in the U.S. We also represent clients in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court in Hartford, Connecticut, on appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

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