The immigration policy shift under current administration led to an unconventional denial for our I-485 application. A case that surprised many attorneys that we visited. We brought the complicated case to Renee, who immediately determined the issue and outlined a plan for our second filing. Renee helped us to prepare the application file, left no ambiguity, made sure every statement is crystal clear to the reader. Thanks to her effort, we did not receive any comments or questions regarding the past issues. Unfortunately, we still got a notice of intent to deny, for a common issue that USCIS likes to question. Just like last time, Renee knew how to handle it, hit all the correct key words in our statement. She also helped us to prepare the I-601 wavier, and a legal brief. In the end our application was approved. We highly recommend Renee as an attorney, who is extreme familiar with the immigration law and knows how to apply them to help your case. She is very particular when it comes down to preparing our case, led us every step the way, very confident. She is very clear with the do's and don'ts, prep you for the good and bad. Her experience will definitely save you a lot of time, effort, and headache.